Monday, 23 June 2014

Testimonial by Mommy Nicole

Hello, Aunty Gina, without your guidance and advice i don't think today I'm having this golden drop at my mouth from my mom! I know my mom is supper stressed and worried that she can't successfully bf me, therefore she decided to attend ur bf class. After attended, she's more confident and well prepared! It's worth to attend! Then, she met this super friendly Aunty Daphne, my mom become more knowledgeable and able to handle me once i was born. Beside, all abt bf info and tips, my mom also learn from her about natural remedies treatment..she's not selfish to sharing with us..

Breastfeeding had gain d best bonding for me with my mum! 

Having this launch of Gina's Place Confinement Centre, is a super stress-free to stay for those wanted to bf their love one!

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