Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Yet Another Educational Workshop - Healthy Fast Food at Home!

We organise short educational workshops in Gina's Place every now and then so our parents take home extra knowledge before they leave our centre. 
Some of the workshops we've done in the past are baby-wearing, baby car seats safety, infant massage, baby's first foods and these photos here are showing simple quick yet healthy cooking at home which we recently organised last week. 
Many parents needs time to adjust their lifestyle after having a newborn at home. These educational workshops are organised so our parents go home equipped and prepared for a new lifestyle that encompasses a new family member at home. 
We hope you've enjoyed your stay with us mommies and daddies! See you again soon! *wink*❤

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Babywearing Workshop at Gina's Place 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

We Want Te Be Back at Gina's Place!

Today marked my 6 months Bf-ing journey which is also Andrea's 6th month with us. Looking back at the photos we took everyday at Gina's Place makes us feel like we want to be back again for the wonderful people & scrumptious meals! 

There's always challenges being a 1st time mum & dad. What we saw at classes & real life experiences are totally different. Thank goodness, we were in good hands of Gina, Daphne, and a team of lovely nurses. Not to forget Kak Naomi's hearty meals!

Without them we won't be who we are today. I believe a thank you will not be able to describe how much we appreciate their help throughout our stay and the never ending questions after we went home; especially Daphne, million thanks for your patience and guidance throughout my Bf-ing & parenting journey.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Bear Bear's Mommy

So before i gave birth to this little munchkin me n my husband made the most ambitious decision ever- that is to take care of our baby without any help in my confinement month, to cut long story short, we ended up with ALL KINDA PROBLEMS. From sleepless nights - breastmilk putus at 5am cos too stressful (with no formula at home) - jaundice - engorged breasts - - postpartum depression - mastitis until the third day of high fever that i almost collapsed i knew i had to find another solution before PPD killed me.

We tried our luck at Gina's (knowing it's always fully booked) n thank goodness there's room available for two weeks and that's what we needed! I must say it was really a pleasant stay for the last two weeks of my confinement month. We would like to express our gratitude to you Gina Mei-Keng Yong,  Daphne Lee-Yang, and your team, without ur help, ur guidance and great service i wouldn't be who i am (a mother with full confidence) today. Thank You smile emoticon
Baby bear is almost 3mo now, chub chub and healthy smile emoticon

p/s: I MISS THE FOODS AND EVERYONE! and bear bear says hi!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Love from Mummy Joan, Room 1

I had the best confinement in town; getting the much needed rest with 5 meals a day and 24 hours care for my baby! If you want to breastfeed successfully, I strongly suggest you consider Gina's place, the 1 stop center to all you need to know about breastfeeding; giving a best start to your baby! I'm thankful gina had a room for me despite the last minute request to a horrendous experience with another center which I checked out almost immediately! 

Thanks Gina Mei-Keng Yong and Daphne Lee-Yang and of course the wonderful nurses who took great care of baby aiden and mummy! 

Love mummy Joan from Room 1