Wednesday, 14 October 2015

We Want Te Be Back at Gina's Place!

Today marked my 6 months Bf-ing journey which is also Andrea's 6th month with us. Looking back at the photos we took everyday at Gina's Place makes us feel like we want to be back again for the wonderful people & scrumptious meals! 

There's always challenges being a 1st time mum & dad. What we saw at classes & real life experiences are totally different. Thank goodness, we were in good hands of Gina, Daphne, and a team of lovely nurses. Not to forget Kak Naomi's hearty meals!

Without them we won't be who we are today. I believe a thank you will not be able to describe how much we appreciate their help throughout our stay and the never ending questions after we went home; especially Daphne, million thanks for your patience and guidance throughout my Bf-ing & parenting journey.

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