Monday, 13 April 2015

Bear Bear's Mommy

So before i gave birth to this little munchkin me n my husband made the most ambitious decision ever- that is to take care of our baby without any help in my confinement month, to cut long story short, we ended up with ALL KINDA PROBLEMS. From sleepless nights - breastmilk putus at 5am cos too stressful (with no formula at home) - jaundice - engorged breasts - - postpartum depression - mastitis until the third day of high fever that i almost collapsed i knew i had to find another solution before PPD killed me.

We tried our luck at Gina's (knowing it's always fully booked) n thank goodness there's room available for two weeks and that's what we needed! I must say it was really a pleasant stay for the last two weeks of my confinement month. We would like to express our gratitude to you Gina Mei-Keng Yong,  Daphne Lee-Yang, and your team, without ur help, ur guidance and great service i wouldn't be who i am (a mother with full confidence) today. Thank You smile emoticon
Baby bear is almost 3mo now, chub chub and healthy smile emoticon

p/s: I MISS THE FOODS AND EVERYONE! and bear bear says hi!

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