Thursday, 3 July 2014

Testimonial by Mommy Yvonne Goh

Yvonne Goh Ee Wan

Gina, I wanna tell you that you are awesome with big thumbs up. Your experience in breastfeeding is abundant, and there is always something that I could learn from you. Having breastfed before does not guarantee you a successful attempt with your subsequent child. Every child is different and every bf journey is unique. With your help, I could bf successfully without a need to top up fm ke, worry about jaundice problem ke, etc for my 2nd child. Gina, you are indeed a sifu!! And Daphne, ur support is equally important. You give us the emotional confidence and at the same time give us all the tips & tricks on bf and not forgetting home remedies and such. A big sister indeed that we could look up to. With these both ladies around, is there any where better than Gina's Place?? I highly recommend this confinement home and would consider coming back myself :)

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