Friday, 1 August 2014

What is most Rewarding about Breastfeeding and Attachment Parenting?

My 14-year old daughter did not fulfill an agreement made with me, and as a result, i denied her usage of her phone for the rest of the evening. At first she cajoled, then she pouted and sulked and finally got angry and stalked away. A while later, right before we say our nightly family prayers, she gave me a long hug.

I prodded her, "Arent you angry?",
She replied, "Yes, but still can hug ma".
This is the outcome of cuddling and carrying her 'all the time' despite threats and warnings from the older folks that she'll turn into "a clingy whiny baby". 

This is the outcome of co-sleeping and breastfeeding. Of moving her out of my bed when she was around 1, and then having her climb back in almost every night until she was 8.
This is the outcome of sacrificing holidays overseas, branded bags and clothes, home-cooked food instead of eating out.

This is the outcome of Attachment Parenting 


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